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Mt-Royal Score-O    November 6, 2005


The weather turned out to be great!!  It was dry, mild (14°c) – an ideal day for a late-season Orienteering run. In fact, the weather and temperature were almost identical to what we enjoyed at last year’s Score-O.   So, also, was the gloomy forecast that predicted we would be drenched; the forecast that kept many from coming.   Mr. Weatherman, you did us wrong, again !!  


This was our 7th annual Score-O on the mountain – an event that has become, for many, “something to look forward to”.   There were 100 ‘starts’ and a total participation of 128, including children.  We had two mass starts. The first was at 10:20 a.m., when the majority of competitors ‘took off in all directions’ from Le Grand Chalet near the Lookout.  Before starting they had 75 seconds to study their previosly unseen map. 


There were 50 ‘controls’ to be hunted down, the most ever at one of our Score-O’s.  A number of locations were fairly close to the start  and at easy to find places,  while others ranged out to Park and Mount Royal Avenues to the north, and across the Mt-Royal Cemetery to the environs of the Université de Montréal in the west. 


A much smaller second start at 10:50 was intended for those newer to Orienteering  who we felt shouldn’t be rushed off without being sure they knew what they were to be doing.  Both groups were given 2 hours to locate as many controls as they could.  Farther away sites were worth up to 30 points;  the nearer ones, 5 points.  


Only Francis Falaredau, managed to find ALL the controls and return in under the 2-hour time limit, with the maximum score of 710.  Last year’s champ, Thomas Kneübuhler, was forced to drop out when a recurring foot injury gave him problems.  Francis’ time – 1:47:07.   Francis Lambert had a strong 2nd place performance with 680 points, locating all but two controls.  Stéphane Côté was 3rd, just 5 points back, the result of a one-minute-late penalty.  


Erica Lay, a student at McGill and a past member of B.C.’s “Victorienteers”, finished 4th overall - but first among the women.  Her point total: 670.  It was her second consecutive Score-O win.   Ariane Burke of Ottawa O.C. repeated as the female runner-up with 465 points.   3rd was a new face to local Orienteering, Christine Rogers, with 325 points.


Amongst the junior runners, which included a large contingent from John Abbott College, the top finisher was 12-year-old Andrey Koptelov (310 pts).  Alicia Hamel of John Abbott was 2nd (290 pts.) and Polina Koptelov (13) was 3rd with 250 pts.   Ryan Jones (10 yrs.) was the youngest to score high  with 225 pts.

Congratulations to all who participated.


Only 12 ‘starters’ achieved a net of less than 100 points – and three of these had actually accumulated many more but were heavily penalized when they returned well after the time limit.  That’s the devilish thing about Score-Orienteering!


Tabulated results in Excel format are attached.


Comments and advice are welcome – in order to make this event even better next year !!!     



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