REPORT :   Mount Royal Park O-Event    May 29, 2005


In spite of the nasty weather forecast of two days prior to the meet, Sunday turned out to be sunny and mild.  We used the hilltop just above the Smith House as our start/finish area. 


For those competing on the two longer courses, the format was a one-person relay.  Course 4 ran on 3 separate maps.  Course 3 did two. Courses 1 and 2 each did one. Two of the courses used a 1:7500 scale map while the other two were on a super-large 1:5000.   


There are a great many trails on the mountain, ranging from paved and wide dirt paths  to narrow and even indistinct trails.   When there are a great many of these close to each other, Orienteering can be confusing and tricky.  This no doubt contributed to some longer than usual times.   The No. 1 course will be planned to be easier in future.


Two members of the Sherbrooke-Azimut Orienteering Club ran great races to share the top honours on the nearly 10 km (straight line measurement) Course #4.    Francis Lambert edged Charles Delisle 1:34:05 to 1:39:50.    Patrice Gagnon of Ramblers was 3rd in 1:46:47 and Martin Hamel 4th in 2:06:33.


The Course 3 used two maps and covered a distance of 6 km.  Another interesting finish developed when a father edged his son by just 2 minutes, 10 seconds.   Yvan and Daniel Duchesne completed their 18-controls course in 54:30 and 56:40 respectively.    Donald Watson of Ottawa O.C. was 3rd in 58:25 and Bruce Glen of Ramblers was 4th, 10 minutes behind Donald.


Course 2 (3.3 km, 10 controls) was won by Glen Wight (Ramblers) with a time of 43:30.

2nd were two members of the Jones family, Therese and Anna-Karin (Ramblers) in 51:35.

Another pair, Maksim Kirtsman and Chris Labos (59:04) were the only others to complete the course in under one hour.  Ten-year old Ryan Jones, doing his second event in Canada, ran the course by himself in 1:14:10.


Course 1 (3.3 km, 13 controls) looked easy on paper and would probably have been a lot easier a week ago, when the greenery in the woods was comparatively sparse - and visibility much better.  In the future we will be sure to make this course simpler in this season.     Even so, newcomer Francine Mach located all of the 13 controls and was back in 56:40.  Another new family group, John Carr and his pre-teen daughter, Gabrielle, came back in 1:01:50, followed closely by Colin Jones and his young son, Patrick (1:06:07). 


There was one student group taking part.  17 mature students from Collège Marie Victorin with teacher, Christopher Laurin, did Course 1.


Perhaps the person covering the most distance during the day and deserving of the greatest laurels, was a gallant and determined lady, Hélène Riol.   She not only pushed a large stroller, carrying two very young children (Oliver and Annie), around the course but, because the stroller was too large for public buses, she pushed it all the way from her home to the mountain and back again later in the day an extra distance of around 6 or 7 km !    Bravo Hélène.    


There were 64 individual starts  and a total participation of 92 persons. 


THANKS to Gloria Charlow, Micheline Léger, John Dennett, Bruce Glen and Patrice Gagnon for helping with the event.


John C

Ramblers Orienteering Club