Ramblers Orienteering Club           




The Morgan Arboretum — March 6, 2005


Recent snowfalls provided plenty of snow for either x/c skiing or snowshoeing.  The turnout of members, friends and newcomers,  while not as great as at our Fall events, was still the largest we have ever had for one of our winter meets.  A good sign!   There was a total of 59 people – 40 “starts”.  


The only problem for some might have been that the temperature was close to the freezing-melting point causing skiers difficulty in getting their “grip-wax” right.  On the day before, when we checked all the 24 control flags that were being used, the sun was shining and the temp was several degrees colder – making for perfect skiing conditions.


Two Ski-O courses were set.  Both were shown on the map, one in ‘red’ ink and the other in ‘blue’.    Skiers did the 6 km red course first and when finishing – back at the Centre – could then decide on whether they wished to proceed to do the 7.25 km Blue Course.  Almost half the “starts” did both, covering 13.25 km (best-route measurement).


One Snowshoe-O course was set.  The distance was 4 km (4.4 km best-route).  Perhaps next year we will increase the length and split it into two courses. Thoughts?   Snowshoeing seems to be rapidly growing in popularity!


André Laplante (Ramblers member, and recent Global TV star) was once again the swiftest on the “Long” ski course.    André covered the 16-control course in 1:23:18.    He was closely follow by Eric Lillie (Ramblers), 1:29:00,  and Bruce Glen, 1:48:00.  Harri Salo (Ramblers) rounded out the skiers who finished in under two hours. The top woman skier was Ariane Burke (Ottawa OC) with a time of 2:02:50.

Christian Doucet (RMC)  deserves a special mention!  After having earlier completing the Snowshoe-O course with a friend in one hour, he went on to do the Ski-O in 2:00:28.


Pierre Grondin (Ramblers) edged Donald Watson (Ottawa OC) by just over one minute to produce the fastest time on the ‘Red’ Course (0:49:20 / 0:50:30).       Christian Reber (Ramblers) was third in 0:54:40.


The Snowshoe-O  course  also  saw  a tight finish  amongst the leaders.        David  Agar (Ottawa OC) repeated his 2003 win at the Arboretum, completing the course this time in 0:45:32.  Charles Delisle (Azimut-Sherbrooke) was a close second in 0:46:55 and Colin Brosseau (Ramblers) was third with 0:51:46


A number of families took part in the O events, often with pre-teen children.    For some participants it was their first time Orienteering   All the more commendable when we note there were very few who did not complete their course.    Once more it is clear that Orienteering is a sport that everyone can enjoy and progress with at their own level.


THANKS to all who came out and competed.  See you next time!    THANKS also to The Morgan Arboretum, its comfortable chalet, and their many trails that we enjoyed.


John & Gloria   ….  for  Ramblers Orienteering Club