Ramblers Orienteering Club




Parc Nature Bois-de-Liesse — February 6, 2005


The day was sunny and mild with a high of about +2c.  It would have been nice to have had some new snow for the event, however there was complete coverage on the Park’s trails and the word from all participants was that the skiing was remarkably good, much better than most people had anticipated. 


Two maps were available.  One was marked with the 6 controls of the short, 5 km course, while the other map showed all 17 flags that had been hung in the Park.  Participants had the option of doing the full course (13.4 km) or cutting out the 5 east-most controls to make a 9 km course.  The decision could be made upon reaching #9.   It’s a good bet that anyone who knew the Park and its trails would have had a nice advantage over those who had never been there before.


Distances were measured according to the best-routes on trails – unlike at summer O-meets when course lengths are the straight-line distances between controls.


André Laplante, who had won the last two Ski-Orienteering meets at this park, came back this year with an even faster time on the 13.4 km course.  His clocking of 1:08:05 translates to about 5 minutes per km, a great time for a Ski-Orienteering event.   Harri Salo was second, 14 minutes back, in 1:22:15.  Charles Delisle was 3rd.


FamilyTeam Wighthouse’, consisting of Glenn, Susie and Sara Wight,  were the speediest on the 9 km course with a time of 1:48:15,  while veteran Orienteer, Stanley Lee, was second in 2:09:35.  But it was Oliver Cordoba, who is from Colombia and did his first Orienteering meet with us on the mountain last November,  that surprised us the most.  Oliver had never skied before in his life.   He rented equipment at the park and went on to ski, tumble and ski some more, to finish in 2:14:20.   Wait until he gets his own equipment and does some practicing !!


Richard Aronoff came from Ottawa to the meet (OK, so he has family here too) and covered the 5 km course in just 56 minutes.  If there was an award for travelling the greatest distance to ski with us it would have to go to Marie-Claude Belanger who drove from Beauport on Saturday afternoon.  Marie-Claude does all the great translation work for announcements.


The meet had 20 “starts” and a total participation of 32 persons.


THANKS to everyone who came out and competed on this day.   THANKS also to the Bois-de-Liesse Park, its comfortable chalet and the nicely track-set trails that we enjoyed.


J C     for  Ramblers Orienteering Club