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Mt-Royal Score-O — November 7, 2004


The weather couldn’t have been better !! It was dry, mild (nearly 14°), and there was no wind. It was an ideal day for an Autumn Orienteering romp. (Moral: Don’t rely on those gloomy rain predictors – who had forecast that we would be drenched on Sunday!!)


This was our 6th annual Score-O on the mountain – an event that has become, for many, “something to look forward to”. There were 92 ‘starts’ and a total participation of 110. We had two mass starts. The first was at 10:50 a.m., when the majority of competitors ‘took off in all directions’. They had only one minute to study the map before starting.


There were 48 ‘controls’ to be hunted down, the most ever at one of our Score-O’s. Some locations were fairly close to the start and at easy to find places, while others ranged out to Park and Mount Royal Avenues to the north, and across the Mt-Royal Cemetery to the environs of the Université de Montréal in the west.


A second start at 11:20 was intended for those newer to Orienteering who we felt shouldn’t be rushed off without being sure they knew what they were to be doing. Both groups were given 2 hours to locate as many controls as they could. Farther away sites were worth up to 25 points; the nearer ones, 5 points.


For next year: We must do something to avoid those last-minute line-ups and late registrations that hold up the start. One problem we experienced was a failure, in some cases, of e-mails to get delivered…and also a lack of any promotion on the OQ website.


3 Orienteers managed to find ALL the controls and return in less than the 2-hour time limit. Thomas Kneübuhler became the new Ramblers’ Score-O Champion, unseating Francis Falardeau who was Champ last year and second this year. Thomas’ running was strong but his route choice was flawless, and that doubtlessly made the difference. He was back in 1 hr, 29 mins., 53 seconds, having visited all 48 control points. Francis returned in 1:33:56, followed by Charles Delisle, in third place, at 1:56:00. Our estima-tion of the ‘best-route’ distance and the total accumulated climb: 11.6 km, 367 meters.


Honours for being the “best female” went to Erica Lay (VictOrienteers) – a McGill student who hails from Victoria, BC. She accumulated 570 points and was 7th overall. Ariane Burke of Ottawa O.C. was second with 505 points. Third was a Collège Maisonneuve student who had been an active Orienteer in France.


Only 7 ‘starters’ achieved a net of less than 100 points – and four of these had actually accumulated many more but were heavily penalized when they returned well after the time limit. That’s the devilish thing about Score-Orienteering!


Sincere thanks to the many who helped with the calculations and display of the Provisionary Results….and to Gloria for a great deal of work at the meet – and prior to it.


Comments and advice are always welcome !!!



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