REPORT : Mount Royal Park Event ˝ June 6, 2004


It wasn't hot and sunny but it was a pleasant day for Orienteering. We used the hilltop just above the Smith House as our start/finish area. It was the first time we had used a location other than the Beaver Lake chalet. The stone structure atop the hill offered shelter in case of rain and also, because of it's more central positioning on the map, provided us with the opportunity of setting courses a little differently.


For those doing the two longer courses, the format was a one-person relay. Course 4 ran 3 separate courses. Course 3 did two. Courses 1 and 2 each did one. Two of the courses used a 1:7500 scale map while the other two were on a super-large 1:5000. We would be glad to hear opinions of the two scales, as well as the start area site and the meet format.


There are a great many trails everywhere on the mountain but, because of the hilly setting, all courses were considerably more physical than usual. The total accumulated vertical climb for the 3 legs of Course 4 was 350 meters - about 3.4% of the 10,400 meter straight-line distance. 4% is the internationally accepted maximum.


Francis Falardeau was an easy winner on the long #4 course, covering the distance in just under 70 minutes. Yvan Duchesne and Charles Delisle placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.


Course 3 was won by Michal Koucky in 1:20:40. Maurice Anker placed 2nd in 1:21:28 and

Bert Waslander was 2 minutes behind for 3rd place.


St╚phane C┘t╚ was the speediest of those on Course 2, completing the 3.4 km in 40:10. Christian Reber was 2nd in 43:47 and Claire Brazeau, and daughter, Ren╚e, were 3rd in 54:44. 11-year-old, Andrey Koptelov, from Russia was 4th in just 22 seconds over one hour.


Kirsten Anker and Christophe Langevin, participating in their first O-meet, were the fastest on the 2.3 km easiest course. Julie Lajoie and Polina Koptelov were just a few minutes behind Kirsten.


It was nice to have Orienteers from abroad at the meet - the Koptelov family from Moscow and Maurice Anker from Australia. We hope they enjoyed the day. 3 members of the Ottawa O Club were also present. There were 51 individual Űstarts'. Total participation was 68 persons.


OUR THANKS to Gloria Charlow and Yee-Fun Wong for manning the registration table.


This is the last of the Club's meets until September.

The Fall is our most active season and the time when participation numbers are highest.

We look forward to seeing you again then.


John C

Ramblers Orienteering Club



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