Ԫ REPORT : Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park – May 20, 2004

REPORT : Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park – September 12, 2004


The weather was beautifully – sunny and mild – ideal for Orienteering. It had rained very heavily a few days earlier (remnants of Hurricane Francis) and this necessitated a last minute small change to the location of two flags. (I didn’t think competitors would appreciate wading through a foot of new water that filled previously dry marshes.)


We unfortunately had one flag go missing. #11 on Course 4 had been hung around 5:45 pm on Friday. It wasn’t there on Sunday morning. Surprising. It was not in a place where it might be accidentally found by anyone. Our conclusion: some animal got it !


Hannu Korhonen had the fastest time on the longest course - #4 - completing the 8.4 km in 1:27:05. Hannu mentioned that he didn’t lose too much time at Control 11. “It was a

pretty definite place. The flag just wasn’t there.” Charles Deslisle was 2nd in 1:32:30 and

Pascal Vincent was 3rd.


Donald Watson proved to be the speediest runner on Course 3, covering the 5.6 km course in 1:36:36, to register just ahead of Frank Garnier and Dennis Zaccagnini.

On Course 2 the top Orienteer was a newcomer to the sport. Francis Lambert ran the

4.7 km in just over 48 minutes. He later did Course 4, the only person to do two courses, and finished a very respectable 4th. Christian Reber and Colin-N Brosseau were 2nd and

3rd respectively.


On the easiest course there were 15 “starts”, many of them new faces to the sport. A lot of young children went with their parents, the youngest, being 2 months of age! Newcomer, Jacques Desjardins, finished Course One in a commendable time of exactly 39 minutes.


There were 58 “starts” and a total participation of 91.


J & G Charlow

Ramblers Orienteering Club