Ramblers Orienteering Club
Centennial Park, DDO  –  May 9, 2004

It was a gorgeous day for Orienteering – warm and sunny.  There were 93 “starts”, 130 individuals, including a number of young children with their parents.   34 students from Dawson College took part, most making a valiant effort on the longest of the four courses.  Teachers, Ginny Malcolm and Kathy Morrison deserve the credit for their orienteering development. 
Some great performances were recorded on each of the 4 courses.  Pascal Tremblay completed the nearly 9 km course in one hour and 17 seconds.  Charles Deslisle was second in 1:03:45 and Yvan Duchesne, the “senior” amongst the elite, was just 49 seconds behind Deslisle.  Fastest woman on the course was Joëlle Cheble who covered the 21-control course in 1:21:59.
A triumvirate of Ramblers members, two of them women, led Course 3,  which was also used as the first-half of Course 4.  Christope Deprez was the fleetest, punching in at the 12 controls in just over 35 minutes. Denise OBriain and Yee Fun Wong were close behind in 48:38 and 51:18, respectively.
Course 2, was slightly easier but covered 4.65 km and had 17 controls.  Three groups led the way: Frédéric Guindon’s threesome in 51:40, follow by Charles & Alexandre Mathys, 53:47  and Sylvaine Grouset’s group, 1:00:22.
43 controls were used for the 4 courses.  All were orange plastic tapes, with a code letter written on them.  A punch was placed close by, often attached to a tree with a plastic cable tie.  The woods were only beginning to show their greenery and, consequently, offered little in the way of concealment for our controls. 
It was unfortunate that many competitors, especially the Dawson students, neglected to check the code letters on the controls with those given on their control descriptions.  It would have avoided the many “mis-punches”. 
Thanks to Gloria C who did the registration, along with Yee Fun Wong who provided much-needed help.  Eric Lillie arrived too late for the starts but kindly offered to pick up all the controls.   Our thanks, also, to Dollard-des-Ormeaux Recreation and Parks Service for an enjoyable day – and for the use of the park chalet.  I hope all of you enjoyed the beauty of the park, the chirping of the birds …and the playful raccoons.
John C
Ramblers Orienteering Club