Ramblers Orienteering Club
Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park  –  May 30, 2004

We were fortunate to again have a sunny  though breezy day for our third event of the
Spring season.  It was too late in the year to have school groups present but there were a number families who took part.  It should be noted that 3 year old, Joshua Berry walked
most of Course Two with his mother, Sondra.  He was still smiling at the finish.
Total participation was 81.  There were 62 individual ‘starts’.
Pascal Tremblay was once again the fastest runner on Course 4,  covering the 9+ km
course in 1:12:19.  Charles Deslisle was second in 1:31:36 and Yvan Duchesnewas just
29 seconds behind for third spot – an identical order of finish to the May 9 event,  except
that Deslisle’s lead over Duchesne was cut from 49 seconds.   Duchesne also provided the
most exciting sprint to the finish.  He lost it by about 1/10 second, but had actually
completed the whole of the course 49 minutes faster than his sprint adversary!
On Course 3  Stéphane Côté (Ramblers) was an easy winner in 56:30, with a wide margin over
Bertrand Lemaitre (2nd)  and Harri Salo (3rd).
Course 2  had three competitors who came back with only 93 second separating them.
Newcomer, Colin Brosseau (Ramblers) completed the 5.65 km course in 1:07:27.  
Christian Reber (Ramblers) was second (1:08:26) and Gaéten Hamel was third (1:09:00).
Course 1 also had a tight finish.  Hélène and Renée Duchesne covered the easiest course
in 41:43.   Julie Lavoie was second in 51:25 and David Davies posted a third place finish in
55:00.   All are Ramblers members.  
Congratulations to all who participated and did so well. 
Special kudos to the several families and their youngsters.
THANKS are due to Gloria and Yee Fun who handled registration and to Patrice Gagnon,
Harri Salo and Marie-Claude Belanger for picking up the flags. We would also like to
express our appreciate to the park authorities for the opportunity of enjoying beautiful
Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park.
John C
Ramblers Orienteering Club