Ramblers Orienteering Club

Parc Nature Bois-de-Liesse — February 15, 2004

It was a beautiful and sunny day, with lots of snow for skiing or snowshoeing. True, it was cold, but not so cold as to cause any complaints from the almost 3 dozen people who participated. We don’t think any of them cut short their distance because of the temperature. To those who stayed home, we think you missed a lot of fun.

There were two courses for cross-country skiers, varying only as to distance. The 13.7 km course covered almost all the track-set trails in the park; the 9.0 km course allowed for a return to the finish without skiing the east-most sections. Distances were measured according to the trails that skiers were most likely to take – unlike at summer O-meets.
The same was true for snowshoers. The 3.3 km course was a shortened version of the 4.5 km. It omitted the last 2 controls that were east of the park chalet.

Fast times were recorded on all 4 courses. The longer times were by groups and were probably due to one person teaching a friend. It seems that the controls were fairly easy to locate. The main differences were in abilities to move more quickly. It’s a good bet, also, that anyone who knew the Park and its trails would have had a nice advantage over those who had never been there before.

André Laplante (Ramblers) had by far the best time of the day, completing the longer ski course in 1:12:38, a pace of 5.7 km per minute, while checking-in at the 16 controls! In the Short Ski-O course, Nicolas Morin (Ramblers) was back in 1:18:00, 5 minutes ahead of Frédéric Besozzi (Ramblers), who placed second.

David Agar, a member of the Ottawa O Club, had a strong performance in the 4.5 km Snowshoe event with a time of exactly 56 minutes. Agar was the first starter and would not have had benefit of any previous tracks – or (probably) any previous knowledge of the Park. Benoit Chagnon (Ramblers) was not far behind, in 1:02:37. Denise OBriain (Ramblers) had another of her great runs and was the best competitor amongst the ladies, finishing in 1:10:40, third overall in this event.

The group of Genèviève Devin, Christian Devin and Marc Butz (Ramblers) was the fastest amongst four that did the shortened Snowshoe event, finishing in 60 minutes.

THANKS to everyone who came out and braved the weather.
THANKS also to the Bois-de-Liesse Park, its warm chalet and the nicely track-set trails.