Ramblers Orienteering Club

Street-O event in D.D.O./Pierrefonds — February 15, 2004

The weather was on the cool side but it was dry - a good day for running or for a brisk walk.
Those who came for the Orienteering event enjoyed it.  
The variety of participants was striking.  There were athletes and adventure racers, but there
were also families, some with a number of young children.  The smallest was 22 pounds
and  23 months of age.  He made the tour in his father's backpack !   Christian Doucet
completed the Long course in 82.5 minutes.
There were 3 courses - for which we used a total of 15 controls. 
All had "punches" attached with plastic ties, ensuring that they couldn't easily be removed. 
Orange plastic tapes were used for markers except for two locations where real O-flags were
hung - the homes of members - 
Everyone completed their course except for two families with young children who decided
to cut short their 6.2 km course.
As for the results, here are the 'stars' :
Course 3 (12.6 km) : 
David Agar (Ottawa O Club) edged Dimitri Golovanov (Ramblers) by just 15 seconds
to return in the fastest time - 70 minutes, 18 secs.  
Erica Lay (Victorienteers - attending McGill) was third in 74:22.
Course 2 (8.3 km) :  
Stéphane Côté (Ramblers) finished in 44:52,  83 seconds ahead of Hanno Korhonen
(Finland).  Tobias Janich (a visiting student from Germany) was third in 47:52. 
The top female, in 4th place, was Caroloine Beaudry.
Course 1 (6.2 km) :   
Harri Salo (Ramblers) was first in 58:39, closely followed by two familiy groups, both
accompanied by young children.  Sandy Phillips, with 3 children - aged 10 to 11,
covered the distance in exactly 61 minutes, while Glenn Wight, with two 13-year-olds,
took 69 minutes.  Both families are new to our sport !!
Although there were only 35 "starts",  a total of 65 persons "participated",
66 including little Hugo in the backpack.
Our thanks to André Laplante who fore-ran the Long course (early Sunday morning)
in about 70 minutes and Eric Lillie who picked up half of the punches and tapes after
the meet;   also to Gloria who helped before, during and after the meet. 
Thanks, also, to Keith Mallette and the DDO Recreation/Parks Dept for allowing us
a key to their Terry Fox Park chalet - normally not yet open.