Ramblers Orienteering Club Meet


The Morgan Arboretum    October 24, 2004


It was a beautiful day – sunny with little wind.  There were an amazing number of briliantly coloured leaves still on the trees which added to the charm of a day in Canada’s largest Arboretum.  See their website at  www.morganarboretum.org/english/HOME_eng.htm


We used a total of 37 flags, many of them belonging to John Abbott College.  Cooperation is on the rise with the College and their Orienteering program, which is now under the direction of Karen Oljemark – also a member of Ramblers O Club member.


There were no Boy Scout or Girl Guide groups in attendance this year but our total participation, of 178 persons, was still high.  There were 111 “starts”  which included 4 groups who did two courses.  The longest course, #4, actually had to complete Course 3 first and then do another 4.5 km course, using  in all, 22 of the 37 flags that were in the woods.


Francis Falardeau had no trouble in turning in the fastest time on Course 4.    He completed the 10.1 kilometers in exactly 79 minutes.  There was a close race for 2nd and 3rd places  however, with Charles Deslisle edging Francis Lambert by just over one min. (2:04:42, 2:05:59).


Bruce Glen who has been doing Orienteering for almost as long as this writer (he started at a much younger age) comes to only about one meet per year, but he certainly hasn’t lost his O-skills!  Bruce led a large class on Course 3, winning the 5.65 km course in 1:17:12.  Paul Rietzschel and François Dufort were 2nd and 3rd respectively in 1:20:20 and 1:22:04.  


Just a few minutes behind was the top performing female of the day. Lucie Monthioux, currently attending Collège Maisonneuve but who had been an active Orienteer in France, completed Course 3 in 1:31:40.   Lucie is, without doubt, the best Orienteer the Collège has had in the many years it has been teaching and practicing our sport.  Good luck, Normand Dionne, with the program there!


Course 2, being set as an Advanced-Beginner course of 4.8 (on the long side for #2),  had by far the largest number of participants – 36 individuals and 21 groups.  As might be expected, finishing times varied considerably from 50 minutes to over 3 hours.   The fastest to complete the course was Stéphane Côté (Ramblers), who covered the 13 controls in 50:08.   Two more Ramblers members were 2nd and 3rd :  Harri Salo, 1:02:20 and Christope Deprez, 1:04:20.   Patrick Fernet (Ramblers) was 4th and Jean-Baptise Bacon proved to be the best John Abbott College student of the day, finishing 5th.   J-B had previously completed Course 1 in the fastest individual time of 41:20.


Course 1 (the easiest) had 5 runners plus 52 others who went in 19 groups.  Bacon and Katel Deprez topped the individuals, while two groups (M.Hamel & D.Samoisette  and J-P Croze & L.Caron) were even faster as pairs – 33:36 and 36:54.


We were happy to note that there were very few people, on any of the courses, who were disqualified for mis-punching (DSQ) or for not finishing (DNF).  It leaves us to think that the course distances and difficulties were about right.   Comments welcome, please !


THANKS are due to our members who helped with Registration and Timing –  François Dufort, Christophe Deprez, Denise OBriain, Randy Luke, Bruce Glen, Karen Oljemark, and Gloria Charlow. 

THANKS also to The Morgan Arboretum for permitting us the use of their fine property and of the warm and cosy Conservation Centre.

We look forward to a return visit this winter for a Ski and Snowshoe Orienteering event.


John Charlow

Ramblers Orienteering Club