Ramblers Orienteering Club Meet

Parc Nature Bois-de-Liesse    October 5, 2003

Rain came down heavily throughout Saturday, the day before this event.  Fortunately, the 36 control flags, plus 10 tapes used for Course 1, had all been hung on the Friday.

Sunday dawned cool and windy – but dry.  We moved inside the chalet at 10:30 for Registration to get away from the wind.  The park only opens their building at that hour.  The number of participants was greater than anticipated – but we had allowed for a possible crowd by printing more maps that we thought we’d use.  In fact, all but 6 of 90 maps prepared for the three ‘advanced’ courses were used. 

There were 135 participants, including 17 young children and infants – with their parents.  So, we had a lot of “groups”.   Almost everyone successfully finished their course even if some took a little longer than they might have hoped.  The Park offers a good Orienteering challenge!

There were 86 individual “starts”.   Among the competitors were 14 cegep students from Collège Maisonneuve and 14 Officer-Cadets from the Royal Military College (first year at St-Jean, Qué.).   

Thomas Kneubühler was the top Orienteer of the day with a 62-minute finish on the 7.6 km (22 controls) Long Advanced course (#4).   Steve Holden was 6½ minutes back for 2nd place and Dmitri Golovanov came 3rd , 2½ minutes behind Steve.   Congratulations to all three of these Ramblers OC athletes.

Running on the 5.4 km Short Advanced course, Stéphane Côté (Ramblers), easily stood out as the fastest competitor on Course 3,  finishing in 59 minutes, 51 seconds.  Coming 2nd and 3rd were Carlos Hernandez  and the team of Eric Everton and Katie Moore, with only 2 seconds separating them (1:21:26 / 1:21:28). 

The 4.2 km, Course 2, attracted the largest enrollment (30 starts) and featured another close run for 1st place.   Only 20 seconds separated two Collège Maisonneuve runners:  Philippe Marcotte (0:59:30 and Guillaume Turmel (0:59:50).  A ‘group’ of 3 Ramblers members led by Sylvaine Grousset was 3rd in 1:06:20.

There were 15 “starts” on Course One, the 2.7 km Beginner Course – considerably more than is normal.  Most of the participants on this “easiest” course were family groups, many with very young children.  It’s nice to see that almost all finished and with good times.  ‘Looks like there are some great Orienteers coming along !

OUR THANKS to Robert Londei, Thomas Kneubühler and Steve Holden for picking up the flags after the event.   Also, to Gloria C, who worked so hard at the Registration Table all day.    We will need some helpers for our next event !!!!

John C

Ramblers Orienteering Club