Ramblers Orienteering Club

Mt-Royal Score-O    November 16, 2003

The weather was great: cool but sunny, and with no wind.  Ideal for an Autumn O-run.

This was our 5th annual Score-O on the mountain – and our biggest yet.  There were 104 ‘starts’ and a total participation of 150.  We had two mass starts.  The first was at 10:28 a.m., when the majority of competitors ‘took off in all directions’.   There were 41 ‘con-trols’ for the multitude of avid Orienteers to hunt down.  Some locations were fairly close to the start while others ranged out to Park Ave. and Mount Royal Ave. to the north, and across the Mt-Royal Cemetery to the environs of the Université de Montréal in the west.

A second start at 10:58 was intended for those newer to Orienteering  who we felt shouldn’t be rushed off without being sure they knew what they were to be doing.

Both groups were given 2 hours to locate as many controls as they could.  Farther away sites were worth up to 25 points.  One, that required the most effort to reach, netted runners 30 points - if they got to it.  47 individuals (and teams) did.   That’s 45% of all starts!!   Special congratulations are due to these excellent athletes !

Only 3 Orienteers managed to find ALL the controls and return in less than the 2-hour time limit.  Francis Falardeau was the first back, 1 hour, 19 minutes, 42 seconds after starting.  Thomas Kneübuhler returned, having found all the controls, about 10 minutes after Francis.  The third competitor was Steven Holden who assured us that he had found them all but, unfortunately, didn’t have a pencil to make the required notations to his control card.   Well, we believe you Steven … but formalities require that we mark your perfect Score as “unofficial”.  

Honours for reigning as “best woman” were shared this year between Silvia Hummel and Ariane Burke.  Both accumulated 410 points.  

Only 10 ‘starts’ achieved a net of less than 100 points – and two of these had actually accumulated many more but were heavily penalized when they returned well after the time limit.  That’s the devilish thing about Score-O meets!

Many thanks to Gloria for a great deal of work at the meet – and prior to it.   Also to Isabelle Robert, Maj. Glenn Houston and the Officer-cadets, plus Steve Holden, who all helped with the calculation and displaying of the Results .

For next year’s Score-O    We are considering enlarging the map to 1:7500 to make in easier to read.  This would mean a map sheet of 11”x 17”, and it would cost a little more to print.  Also we think a smaller and separate Score Card would be nice, if it is possible.  Your comments on these points, as well as on anything else, would be welcome !!!

John Charlow

Ramblers Orienteering Club