Ramblers Orienteering Club Meet

Mount Royal Park    June 8, 2003

It was warm and sunny – a gorgeous day.  And perhaps that was why Orienteers were off doing other ‘summer things’.   The turn-out was expected to be small – and it was – for this repeat of the courses that were run on May 11.  

 Four weeks ago the foliage had just begun to grow. The ‘controls’ were visible from a distance.  This day it was a very different story.  Tall grasses made spotting the small plastic tapes a lot more difficult.

 Best performance of the day on the advanced courses was by Patrice Gagnon who completed Parcours 3 in 1:15:54. 

 Thanks to Jens Sôrvik and Thomas Kneubühler who checked all the tapes from our May 11th meet and replaced four that were missing.   Gloria Charlow handled registration and John did the ‘timing’.

Ramblers Orientering Club