Dimanche le 8 novembre 1998 - Sunday November 8 1998
Morgan Arboretum

132 participants made this O-meet our biggest locally this year. In fact, it was probably the largest for several years, with the exception of the Eastern Canadian Championships held near Sutton in '97.

A good attendance for this season-ender seemed likely after the considerable number of new enquiries that were received just prior to the meet. We printed 150 maps, complete with courses, with hopes that we had estimated correctly. Less than 30 were left over.

The weather was reasonable - no rain and temperatures close to normal. Hot drinks and muffins were available in the Conservation Centre.

Francis Falardeau easily won the 10 km course, even with the added weight of a television crew dogging him for most of the day. (Ch-35 on a Thursday at 6:30, someday) Marie-Catherine Bruno was second, just 20 minutes behind Francis. The courses were longer and somewhat more technical than in past years.

Two long sought victories were achieved: Elisa Rietzschel has been trying for a long while to beat her father, Paul, and it finally happened-on the "Short-Advanced"-by just 99 seconds! Micaela Fassina has had the same goal with respect to her mother, Anke, and this time did it by 59 seconds on the 4.9 km Intermediate course.

It was good to see so many new faces trying Orienteering at this meet. We hope you will continue with the sport next season. The fact that most completed their course, and in good time, is nice to note. Congratulations!

Sincere thanks...
to Diane Mather, Helen Howard, Catherine Edgar and my wife, Gloria, for their indispensible help during the long day. We also thank the Morgan Arboretum Association for making this event possible at this very attractive site.

John Charlow